Health Care Reform

Shortly after he assumed office I wrote to President Trump as per
the following to suggest what I regarded as a better approach to the
Obamacare issue than congressional Republicans were pursuing
which likely would have insured genuine participation by the
opposition in crafting a better health care reform. I did receive a
formal form letter from “President Trump” in response which did not
address the issues I was trying to raise.

If elected to the US Senate to represent Michigan, I would support
a bill setting a sunset deadline for repealing Obamacare if, and only
if, a hard copy of David Goldhill’s 2009 Atlantic article were given
to every American taxpayer. That in my judgment is a necessary
condition for getting an intelligent discussion of the health care reform
the country needs.

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                                          March 27, 2017
Dear Mr. President:
If you wish to give the American people a true and lasting health
care reform during your current term, there is an alternative
approach you might want to consider.
There is an alternative approach that could satisfy two concerns:
repealing Obama Care and giving our people broader access to
better and cheaper health care coverage.  It would involve doing
the following.  At this time support a simple bill setting a sunset
clause on Obama Care one year after the next mid-term election
coupled with sending to every American taxpayer a hard copy
of David Goldhill’s 2009 Atlantic article on the American health
care system.


Such an approach would give the country the background it
needs for an intelligent discussion of the issues here that it has
not really had.  That could well lead to an American plan, not
a Republican or Democrat one, both of which leave much to be
If you were to consider such an approach you might find it useful
to introduce the idea in a joint news conference with David Goldhill
similar to your excellent news conference when you put forward
Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination.
                                          Sincerely yours,
                                          John Howard Wilhelm, Ph.D.,